Sennheiser Electronic Corporation to introduce the Innova SON Sy80 console at Infocomm 2003. Designed for live sound touring, fixed installation, and broadcast applications, the Sy80 features a brand new control surface, new software, and a unique new technology that allows users to define the function of any fader on the console.

Innova SON's Sy80 features 80 inputs, 80 outputs, 80 faders, and 48 mix busses housed in a new chassis weighing less than 176 lbs. (80 kg). Combined with a new version of the company's real-time console software manager, Sensoft 8, and a new DSP module built around the latest SHARC digital signal processors, the Sy80 offers greater mixing capabilities than ever before.

Sensoft 8 software introduces two new and very important features - XFAD (patent pending) technology and the Fader Configuration System - that allow users to define the function of each and every fader on the console surface. For example, faders configured to control mix busses may be designated as mono, stereo or LCR, auxiliary or matrix masters, audio subgroups, or VCA group masters. A virtually unlimited number of VCA groups may be created.

Faders designated as inputs may be configured as mono, stereo or multiple XFAD expanded faders. Building on the company's philosophy that Innova SON is "the new way to watch sound," the new, unique XFAD technology goes beyond the traditional concept of layers, instead introducing the notion of "development" and "deployment" faders. An unlimited number of inputs, such as a group of drum channels, may be assigned and "stacked" beneath a single "development" fader for control by that fader. The user may then designate a "deployment" zone of faders anywhere on the console where the relative levels of individual inputs assigned to the "development" fader may be displayed when selected.

Similarly, users are presented with visual cues regarding inputs assigned to mix busses. For example, selecting a matrix buss master fader presents the engineer with the relative levels of all channel faders assigned to that matrix output.

The Sy80 system also incorporates Mix Box, a local audio rack that is remote-controlled from the control surface. Mounted in a separate flight case or conveniently located in the control room or remote vehicle, Mix Box allows outboard equipment to be directly connected to the console I/O, minimizing cable lengths and ensuring signal quality and reliability.

To handle the rigors of touring use, the Sy80 features dual redundant auto-switching power supplies. The 19-inch rack-mountable power supplies may be fitted in the back of the console or in a rack.

Innova SON's optional Stage Box allows remote placement and control of microphone or line inputs and outputs on stage, close to the input sources. The Stage Box is additionally an active splitter and can feed up to three Innova SON consoles through coaxial or optional fiber optic cables.

The Sy80 is suited to front-of-house, monitoring, live recording, and on-air applications, and can be used as a standalone, networked, or combined with any other Innova SON product, such as the Compact Sy40, Essential Live or Large Scale digital mixing consoles, Stage Box, or Muxipaire. Sharing the modular and flexible architecture common to the entire Innova SON range, the Sy80 offers users an easy upgrade path through the company's constantly evolving technology and represents a profitable long-term investment.

The manufacturer's suggested retail price for the Innova SON Sy80 console system starts at just $71,000.

Innova SON is distributed exclusively in the United States by Sennheiser Electronic Corporation. It joins a list of distinguished audio brands that Sennheiser distributes including Neumann Microphones, Turbosound Loudspeakers and Chevin Research Amplifiers.

Based in France, Innova SON manufactures an innovative line of digital products for live touring, radio and television, world-class performing art centers, and general sound reinforcement applications.