Sennheiser USA will become the exclusive distributor of the Australian Monitor Installation Series throughout the US and South America beginning September 1. The Australian Monitor range of amplifiers, mixers, zone paging, and speaker systems has become one of the fastest growing sound contracting brands worldwide and is distributed in over 60 countries.

Jeff Alexander, director of distributed brands for Sennheiser USA, comments, "The addition of the Australian Monitor Installation Series to Sennheiser's distributed brands offers contractors a one-stop shop for installed audio products. Australian Monitor's 70V line contracting series complements our existing brands and means that sound contractors can source microphones, consoles, amplifiers, speakers, and zoned audio and paging products from a single supplier."

"We are really pleased to be associated with Sennheiser USA," states Australian Monitor general manager, Stuart Craig. "They are a very professional team and we're sure that they are the perfect partners for us. We're confident that their customers will identify quickly with our 'Clever Features, Contractor Friendly' philosophy and our fresh approach to 70V line contracting, which has resulted in such success elsewhere in the world."

The Australian Monitor Installation Series is one of the fastest growing 70V line contractor ranges in the world. The company's range of zone solutions, mixer amplifiers, and power amplifiers has been a huge success in Europe and Asia where the brand has considerable market share and enjoys such high-profile public installations as soccer stadiums, banks, hotels, retail stores, law courts, universities, town halls, train stations, and airports.

"The brand was developed on a very experienced contracting base of 25 years in Australia and New Zealand," Craig explains. "About four years ago we took the brand international and are now represented in 60 countries around the world and have had to establish warehousing facilities in Europe and Asia to support the demand."

Australian Monitor is headquartered in Sydney, Australia and additionally maintains warehouses worldwide in Asia, Western Europe, and the US. The company's continually expanding range of sound contracting products includes mixer amplifiers, power amplifiers, distribution amplifiers, mic/line mixers, zone paging systems, and ceiling speakers, as well as associated products.