Vincent Lighting Systems (VLS) has announced the following changes within its product department.

Melissa Schmidt has been appointed product manager. As product manager, she’ll not only answer customer questions and place orders, but will work with more than 100 manufacturers and oversee department policy. Schmidt has handled inside sales at VLS Cincinnati for more than four years.

Previously, Schmidt worked at VLS as rental shop manager, before moving south, where she was house electrician for Rudder Theatre Complex on the Texas A&M campus. While the company’s headquarters are based in Cleveland, OH, Schmidt will manage the product department from the Cincinnati branch. Vendors and customers alike can contact her at 859-525-2000 or 800-356-5356.

J.R. Simons, who joined VLS in 1998 and has extensive technical experience in the entertainment industry, has resumed his previous role in inside product sales in the Cleveland location. In addition, Brian Bernicken has become an inside sales representative in the Cleveland office. Bernicken will work in tandem with Simons to assist customers with lighting solutions.

For the past four years, Bernicken has worked as assistant rental shop manager. Bernicken is well known in local theatre having worked at numerous venues, including Cleveland Public Theatre and Cain Park. Simons and Bernicken can be reached at 216-475-7600 or 800-922-5356.