Scene Change, a new UK company that creates digital video effects, will host an open house on March 25 at the MacOwan Theatre, Earl's Court, London, England. A custom design service for the creation of still and animated digital video images, Scene Change will demonstrate how life-like effects can be brought to the stage. "This technology already been embraced by nightclubs but it's the next big thing for the theatre," says Scene Change technical director, Nigel Sadler. "This year, we're likely to see it begin to take off in the world of theatre lighting."

Scene Change is able to create '"real" effects such as rain, snow, moving water, and a sun rise. " The possibilities are endless," notes Sadler, who points out that video effects can be used more easily in theatrical settings now that video projectors have increased in brightness and affordability, combined with the launch of such products as High End's Systems Catalyst projector. Launched last year, Scene Change has created battlefield scenes, images of burning oilfields, and a Wembley pop concert for Lamda's production of the musical, The Fix, which will run at the MacOwan this month.

Along with custom-designed material created at its state-of-the-art digital studio, Scene Change also acts as a one-stop shop for more than 10,000video clips from collections, such as the Artbeats Digital Film Library, Digital Juice Jumpbacks, and the Digital Vision Motion clip Library.

Visitors to Scene Change's open house will have hands-on opportunities to explore the new technology. There will also be performances, including Carmel Omalabi, sister company DHA's talented switchboard operator, a Tina Turner impersonator who has appeared on Stars in their Eyes.

The open day, which is being run with High End Systems, takes place at the MacOwan Theatre, Logan Place, Earl's Court on March 25, from 1:00-4.30pm. For more information about Scene Change and to view its libraries, visit Scene; or email