Tom Misner, president and founder of the multi-national SAE Group, announced the acquisition of console manufacturer AMS Neve. "We are very happy to now be part of such a strong global organization," says Mark Crabtree, AMS Neve managing director. “With the full support of the SAE Group it will enable us to increase our market share and above all accelerate the introduction of our new product range."

SAE Institute will now provide AMS Neve broadcast/music/film and post seminars through its network in over 45 colleges in 20 countries for past and new clients.

“The coming together of AMS Neve and SAE is a unique strategic alliance of two of the world's leading audio industry organizations," says Romy Hawatt, SAE’s strategic business development advisor. "One in audio technology and manufacturing and the other in audio education and training. Both the AMS Neve and SAE brands have a very strong global synergy."

"The feedback we have attained over the years from our large international student network has provided us with valuable information and insight that is now being applied by AMS Neve in the development of the soon to be released range of new products,” Misner adds.