has scheduled a series of free day-long Professional Development Workshops in theatres in various cities around the country, including Portland, Seattle, Berkeley, Los Angeles, Detroit and Kansas City. The workshops, designed for lighting and scenic professionals, teachers and technicians, have attracted large audiences over the past two years of the tour. The workshop leaders, all Rosco product managers, show participants how to create stage pictures and effects with lighting or scenery, generally using equipment and products likely to be in their theatres or shops.

For example, the morning session, devoted to lighting, explains how you can simulate raging or smoldering fire, still or rushing water, rain, snow, etc., simply using gobos and modern spotlights. Some advanced techniques for simulating stained glass effects, reflected lightning bolts and other frequently requested effects are also demonstrated.

The afternoon session on finishing and treating sets and scenic pieces shows how scene shops can faithfully reproduce brick walls, travertine marble, or other surfaces in their scenery, props or scenic pieces. This session also covers the practical matters of flameproofing and working with various materials used in stagecraft.

A fuller description of the workshops, along with a list of dates and locations, is available at or by calling Rosco at 1-800-767-2669 ext 211.