Rosco Laboratories, Inc. has announced that it has signed an agreement to acquire the assets of Los Angeles-based GAM Products Inc.

Rosco will continue to market and promote GAM worldwide through its global distribution network. “For existing and loyal GAM customers, it will be business as usual with GAM’s entire catalog of products available through Rosco. But we’re especially looking forward to leveraging our world class dealer network to expose these excellent products to new clientele,” said Mark Engel, CEO of Rosco.

After being in business at GAM for 37 years, Joe Tawil remarked, "For me this provides a continuity for the products, making sure they are available and serviced by Rosco, a company that understands teh business and will continue to expand it. I have known Stan Miller for over 40 years, I started as an LD from Carnegie Mellon, and I knew Rosco before GAM even existed."

On the issue of LED versus gel, Tawil feels, "With electronic color technology, there are a million choices, but they don't fill the spectrum the same way. There will always be a place for gel for sensitive color control. Technology is moving on, but gel is still a component. Place 20 sheets of the same GAM color in 20 of the same fixtures, and the color looks almost identical."

GAM was founded in 1975 by Tawil and has pioneered a range of tools now considered to be indispensible to generations of lighting professionals. “Stan was the first person I called when I decided it was time for me to exit the business," Tawil added. "It was important to me to find a company with the same reputation for excellent service that GAM’s customers expect. Rosco was the natural choice and I’m excited by the prospect that GAM products will now be seen by an even larger audience.”

Miller, Chairman of Rosco Laboratories, added, “I’ve known and respected Joe and his company since the beginning. I’m proud that he trusts Rosco to continue his brand and legacy. GAM’s business will complement Rosco’s perfectly and the customer will now have an even larger selection of tools from which to choose. We look forward to the opportunity.”

Founded in 1910, Rosco Laboratories provides unique and effective solutions to the global community of lighting professionals in entertainment, film, architecture and photography. With 13 offices and over 600 distributors, Rosco products are available virtually anywhere in the world.