Cyber Control is a new DMX lighting software launched by Czech Republic moving-light manufacturer Robe Show Lighting. The software is designed for users that prefer to use a computer, rather than a conventional lighting console, for show and exhibition build-up and programming periods.

Cyber Control is quick, easy, and logical to use. It creates a perfect visualization of all parameters of intelligent lights and all types of lighting fixtures (including conventionals like PARs, ACLs, Profiles, and Molefeys). The end result is a sophisticated 3D-visualization of the show, including real-time beam, gobo and iris simulations. The PC-based software includes a large fixture library of popular moving lights.

It is available in three versions: Cyber Cue, Cyber Pro and Visual Control. With the CyberCue and CyberPro versions, a show can be created on a computer and run directly from a PC using a USB interface. Once the show is complete, the data is uploaded into the USB Interface, the PC disconnected, and the show can actually run from the Interface, while in "Stand Alone" mode.

CyberPro has additional image and musical features. It contains the multimedia extension EASY SHOW, which allows users to add multimedia music and image files (WAV, MP3, CD, AVI, MPEG, etc) into their onscreen show. Harnessing the power and potential of the 3D visualiser, the simulations will playback with these multimedia files.

The Visual Control version enables the user to download show data from a lighting desk to a computer for offline editing.