Rigging Seminars will hold three four-day seminars in 2004, in Orlando on Feb 1-4, Las Vegas on May 2-5, and Denver on June 27-30. There are three days of instruction on rigging principles and practices. The most popular part of the course is the full day of hands-on training.

The recent collapse of a rigging grid in Atlantic City during a Timberlake-Aguilera set-up emphasizes the need for rigging safety training. Because of the risk and liability in entertainment-industry rigging, every venue, school, company, and labor supplier should have competent trained riggers.

Rigging Seminars has been in operation more than 10 years and trained more than 4000 people. It is completely independent, and not associated with any manufacturer or supplier.

The instructors are Jay Glerum, the author of the Stage Rigging Handbook, and Harry Donovan, the author of Entertainment Rigging. Harry Donovan is an active member of the new ESTA Rigging Skills Committee, which is writing a certification standard for riggers. More than 20 major entertainment industry organizations have committed to supporting the rigging certification program.

To learn more about the Rigging Seminar course or register, call 206-283-4419 or visit their website at www.riggingseminars.com.