Ribbonlift Acquisition Inc. announced this week that it has changed its name to Actua Systems Inc. Ribbonlift Acquisition, a subsidiary of Imagility Inc., purchased the assets of the Ribbonlift business in May of 2006.

The Ribbonlift product utilizes a patented technology consisting of three steel ribbons that “zip” together to form a column. The unique design gives Ribbonlift products the maximum extension possible from an extremely compact form factor. Ribbonlift systems are used to position cameras, lights, projectors, communication devices and more for live events, motion picture production, construction, industrial, military and other applications. The company will continue to use the Ribbonlift brand for the existing product line.

“Our acquisition by Imagility marked a new exciting stage for Ribbonlift. We are adding resources, developing new product features, and entering new markets,” says David Paine, founder and chief technology officer of Ribbonlift. “In addition, in the next year we will introduce additional products based on new technology platforms. The name ‘Actua’ reflects the company’s expanded mission: to provide innovative positioning solutions that meet the unique needs of its customers.”

The company will introduce a new DMX-compatible Ribbonlift at LDI 2006 on October 20 th to the 22nd in Las Vegas.