Comfortably Numb, Canada's Pink Floyd Show is considered the finest tribute act in North America, performing faithful renditions of Pink Floyd classics to nostalgic fans. This authentic recreation of the Pink Floyd experience now includes Martin’s RGB Laser 1.6.

“The LD saw an opportunity to insert it into the show, since Pink Floyd was always known for its laser show in the past,” comments André Daigle, product specialist at Erikson Pro Canada, who programmed and operated the laser from a laptop. “Everyone was ecstatic about the added dimension it brought.” Lighting designer Todd Minicola of NOC Audio Visual of Kingston, Ontario, adjusted his existing light show on the fly to give the laser a front-and-center appearance in the show.

“It is so easy to create effects with the Martin software, and once we have created an effect, we can tweak it with the scan rate and the speed animation,” Daigle comments. “It is fantastic to be able to adjust the animation to the speed and the mood of the song. Finally, the possibility to dim the intensity is incredible.” Other features Daigle found useful are its ease of use--“just hang it and plug it in”--and its quick programming of custom looks, for example “Pink Floyd” in text and a money sign to accompany the song, “Money.”

The RGB lasers are placed on the bottom of a vertical circular truss, back of the stage, and pointed out over the audience. Other Martin gear on the show are MAC 550 profile spots, MAC 250 Entours, MAC 300 washlights, and Atomic 3000 strobes with control from a Martin Case console. The RGB laser and other Martin gear were supplied by NOC Audio Visual through Martin Canada.