One of Martin Professional's most recognizable faces, international stage, studio and event segment manager, Mark Ravenhill, has relocated to Martin’s US headquarter office in Florida from Martin's Danish headquarters.

The strategic move brings Ravenhill even closer to one of the industry’s most influential and important markets. In addition to helping identify trends, the increased focus will have the added benefit of increasing feedback and reducing reaction times in one of the world’s most dynamic markets.

Ravenhill remains Martin’s international segment manager for the SSE market, and retains overall global responsibility for the segment. His new contact details are:; Tel: (954) 315 4898 Ext. 257; mobile: (954) 663 5857; Fax: (954) 858 1811.

In other news, Peter Skytte has been named Martin’s SSE chief product manager. Skytte has been with the company for over 10 years and possesses a high level of product knowledge, having headed up Martin’s service department for a number of years. “Peter’s extensive knowledge of both our customers and our products represents an invaluable addition to the global SSE team for Martin," Ravenhill says. "I am very pleased to welcome him to the department.”