Queen Extravaganza Tribute Tour, US Leg

"Queen’s music is both theatrical and rock, often at the same time and I hope the way the show is lit reflects the mood of the songs properly. Lighting is all about emotion, and using tricks for their own sake doesn't work." Rob Sinclair, LD

Lighting gear, provided by Upstaging

1 MA Lighting grandMA full-size console
1 Catalyst with 2 x LFG cards for video input

Automated Fixtures
12 Clay Paky Sharpy
8 Martin Professional Mac 700 Wash
17 Martin Professional Mac 700 Profile
18 Martin Professional Mac Aura
17 Atomic Strobes

Conventional Fixtures
7 8-Lite mole
5 2-Lite mole - underneath risers
7 4-Lite strip
12 Red Bulkheads
16 Single, long nosed Par 64 MFL
4 Floor Par 64, NSP
1 6-lamp bar, Par 64 MFL
2 4-lamp bar, Par 64 MFL
4 Floor Par 64, MFL, not shown on plot
19 Par scrollers - stock scrolls

3 40’ 20” trusses - trusses black or bordered black
4 20’ 20” chrome truss towers

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