Barco’s ImagePRO-3G is a high-performance video scaler, scan converter, switcher, and transcoder all rolled into one, providing the ideal solution for converting RGB, HDTV, component, S-video, composite (NTSC, PAL, and SECAM), and HD/SDI video into a user-selectable video format. The ImagePRO includes four video outputs and three universal inputs, as well as a dedicated Genlock BNC connector. Our judges like the “fantastic video format conversion between all the majors, coupled with robust scaling and re-clocking.” One judge calls it “the projection designer’s ultimate Swiss Army knife…allowing for the input of virtually any kind of video signal, which then can be scaled, adjusted, converted, and output to any kind of video signal. Essentially, I can walk up to it with any cable from any piece of video gear and shape that signal. Anything in, anything out—I spec three or four of them, in case anything arises, and we need it, whip it out of the box, and wham, problem solved.”

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