Wireless Solution Sweden AB was recently put to the test by Koster Design of Hollister, Missouri. The company devised a unique way to test the limits of Wireless Solution WDMXTM brand wireless units.

Koster Design installed a searchlight on top of the Yakov Smirnoff theatre in Branson, Missouri. “For this project we used the Omni Light 4000AK,” says designer Kelly Koster, “The Omni Light was chosen for its unique features allowing it to to color-mix and strobe, as well as control beam size and movement." Koster adds, “Yakov has been an artist all his life. He is very interested in details and he knows exactly what he wants the light to do. He hires us to make it happen.”

The system used to program the searchlight consisted of one Hog 500, one WDMX transmitter, One WDMX receiver, one WDMX booster, one directional high-gain transmitter antenna, one omni-directional receiver antenna, and a 12V to 120V inverter.

One foggy evening Mike Gormley and Kelly Koster from Koster Design set the wireless into place, then drove down Highway 65 over a mile away (1.6 km) and proceeded to program the searchlight from their vehicle.

Gormley says, “We were amazed. The response from the WDMX units was flawless as always. I was literally driving 70 MPH (112 kmh) while Kelly was programming the Hog console next to me in the passenger seat.”

Koster and Gormley also praised the system saying, "The entire wireless system (provided by Omni Lighting) was a huge time saver for the programming of the searchlight. Normally we would have to program it, and then drive down the highway to see what it looked like. We might have to make that drive 20 times to make sure the light is doing everything Yakov wants it to do. Now, we simply relax and go for a ‘programming drive’.”

WDMX is the perfect solution for applications where running DMX cable is not practical. WDMX technology uses Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA) and Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum to avoid interference. Critics worldwide have hailed the system as the number one product for interference-free wireless DMX technology.