Presenting a roundup of some of the latest products to hit the market, collated by the staff of Lighting Dimensions and its summer intern, Natalie Zmuda.

Chauvet ( presents the Photon Generator (LGG-3000). It is a sound-activated unit that produces a green laser. Features include 16 preset geometric patterns and six mirrors. Its size is 12"x12"x12" and its shipping weight is 12.75lb. It uses a green 4.9mW laser diode bulb.

Claude Heintz Design's ( MacLux Pro Version 2.0, a complete lighting design program for Power Macintosh computers, boasts significant enhancements from the previous 1.7 version. MacLux Pro 2.0 is Power Macintosh native and runs under the Mac OS Classic operating system, making it significantly faster than previous versions. Other improvements include streamlining the program's interface and new productivity enhancing features.

Elation Professional ( introduces the Color Spot 250. It features a high luminous-efficiency axial reflector and double condenser lens system, with a standard 15° focused beam angle and optional 12° and 18° lenses. Notable aspects include 11 dichroic filters; six interchangeable, indexable, rotating gobos; variable-speed strobe effect; three-facet prism that rotates in both directions at different speeds; remotely controllable motorized focus, from near to far; smooth dimmer from 0-100%; and 10 high-quality stepping motors controlled by microprocessors. Other features include a pan movement range of 530°, tilt movement range of 280°, with 8/16-bit movement resolution, and easy access for lamp replacement; in addition, the case design allows easy access for service and inspection of interior components. It is DMX-controllable via any universal DMX controller.

JLG Industries Inc.'s ( new Mega Deck platform option extends to form a 25'-long by 6'11"-wide deck on the JLG Model 500RTS rough terrain scissor lift. Powered extensions measuring 6'2" at one end and 4' at the opposite end form the longer deck which is only 12" wider than standard, allowing operators to get closer to the work area at platform heights of up to 50'. The additional workspace allows operators to handle oversized materials like drywall, cladding, sheet metal, and pipe. The platform has a 1,500lb capacity, which includes 500lb capacity on each deck extension. Standard features include: 35% gradeability in 2WD and 45% gradeability in 4WD, oscillating axle, hydraulic leveling jacks, and rugged chassis, deck, and handrails.

LEDtronics Inc. ( introduces a slew of new products. The new "Intermediate and Medium 15mm and 25mm Based LED Lamps" catalog showcases direct incandescent replacement LED lamps for industrial, automotive, aviation, and decorative lighting applications. With a choice of sizes, standard electrical bases, sunlight-visible colors, and industry-standard voltages, there is a LEDtronics' Intermediate and Medium Based Lamp to fit most applications. The catalog includes dimensional data, illustrations, specifications, and applications. The catalog may be viewed online or downloaded as a self-extracting zip file. URL:
PCB LED Indicators for RJ45 Ports enable visual confirmation of data traffic, network connectivity, and signal integrity on data/telecommunications equipment such as Ethernet hubs, bridges, routers, modems, etc. The black UL940V0-compliant housing has a slim profile and takes up minimal space. It has a co-planar design and advanced optical grade epoxy. Diffused lenses are standard, clear lenses are optional. These LEDs come in two configurations, one LED or two LEDs, and shapes, rectangular or domed. Single- and bi-colored combinations are available. These LEDs are impervious to shock, vibration, frequent switching, and environmental extremes. Average lifespan is 100,000-plus hours.
S6 Candelabra-Screwed LED Lamps are designed to replace incandescent S6 candelabra-screw based lamps in miniature utility switches, industrial control panels, and other applications that demand durable and energy-efficient light sources. They are offered in two types of LEDs, single and multi-chip, which provide continuous light even if one or more emitters fail. These LEDs are available in various colors and derivations. They are ideal for industrial installations that are subjected to vibration, shock, and environmental stress. LEDs feature almost instantaneous turn-on and turn-off without transients. Applications include indicators for process controls, aircraft instrumentation, elevator panels, automobile lighting, medical and scientific equipment, and panel mount indicator lamps.
An extensive line of direct incandescent replacement telephone slide-based LED lamps integrates the latest LED chip technology for bright illumination and comes in a variety of sizes, styles, and colors. Due to their solid-state construction, the lamps are ideal for industrial installations that are subject to vibration, shock, and environmental stress. The firm says these lamps last 30-50 times longer than the incandescents they replace, and their low-current, high-efficiency operation delivers power savings of 80-90% or more, and produces little or no heat.
Also available are 0805-Profile Miniature SurfLEDs for surface-mount technology processes. These measure 2x1.25mm, come in six colors and several related hues, are available on EIA standard 8mm tape 7' reels, feature a viewing angle of 140°, and come in two intensities. The company says using SurfLEDs with its OptiLED light pipe simplifies the spatial relationship between the PCB and remote indicator illumination points by channeling all the LED-generated light to the exact location it is required.

Lowel-Light Mfg. Inc. ( presents several new products. The MultiNeon division develops and manufactures DMX-controlled products that enable the user to create, control, and produce various special effects with color-changing neon. The Color/FX Creator three-channel neon dimmer, color-blender, and sequencing system can produce up to 16.8 million colors, soft fades, flashing, and other effects. Its self-addressing system eliminates the need for setting of dip switches for each modules. The MultiNeon PCDesigner software/hardware combination enables the user to create programs for the Color/FX Creator and view the results on a PC. The software eliminates the need for access to a DMX board, neon tubing, transformers, etc., during the design process. The MultiNeon ColorChanger employs patented technology to change the color of neon within a single tube.

Martin Professional ( introduces two new products. The CX-4 is an automated profile spotlight designed for a 150W discharge source. It provides colors, gobos, five beam angles, a frost effect, continuous dimming, adjustable focus, and multiple control options. It may be operated with DMX controllers, the Martin MC-1 remote control, or as a standalone unit with master/slave capacity. A color wheel combines with a color/effect wheel to provide 77 different color possibilities. The color wheel houses six solid colors and open white, three CTC filters plus a multicolor option. The color/effect wheel houses six solid colors, four gobo patterns and five beam-reducing gobos plus a frost effect and variable strobe effect. A smooth, full-range mechanical dimmer is included.
The Atomic 3000 DMX is a powerful, high-impact strobe with 3,000W. Features include 5600K color temperature; continuous blinder effect with auto fade; smart, integrated heat control that eliminates cool-down time; variable flash duration, intensity, and rate; preprogrammed special effects; fan cooling; auto-ranging power supply (90-260V, 50/60Hz), and DMX or standalone mode. A long-life xenon lamp is included.

MaxLite ( introduces three new products. The company's version of the Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp (CCFL) is a cool burning lamp, generating anywhere between 50-77°F in standard current. The lower temperature does not affect the quality of light or color, scoring 96-99 on the color-rendering index (CRI). In addition, the lamps have a life of up to 100,000 hours. The company's new HighMax fluorescent light features instant-on, flicker-free electronic operation and a patented air-gap heat skin that is built into the ballast. This light is useful for shop and facilities managers, as well as high-bay users of all kinds. The company's Sub-Mini CFL offers consumers an alternative for their decorative and accent lighting requirements. The Sub-Mini’s small size allows them to fit into the tiniest of accent pieces. They also feature instant on, flicker-free electronic operation and have a life of 10,000 hours or more. The globe-shaped bulbs are also available in assorted colors.

Sierra Screenprinting Inc.’s Sky-Scapes are photographic images produced on high-impact light-gathering panels that replace the diffuser, creating the illusion of a "skylight" in any area with a flush-mounted fluorescent lighting fixture.

SLI Lighting Corp. ( has introduced the HID 1 Trip Lamp and Ballast Replacement Kit. The kit contains all necessary components for a complete fixture replacement or retrofit including a ballast, lamp, fusing, and stainless steel fasteners. The kit places each part that an electrician, electrical contractor, or shop maintenance supervisor may need to repair or retrofit a lamp in one box. The HID 1 Trip is available in all popular wattages ranging from 100MHz to 1,000MHz and from 70HPS to 400HPS. The products are also compatible with many different voltages that will limit the number of kits required for stocking.

Ultratec Fibre Optic ( has launched a designer series of fixtures, handcrafted in the US, and available in brass, chrome, and stainless steel. The company's new fiber driver system can illuminate a combination of both stranded and solid-core fiber; up to 6,000 - .75 can be illuminated from a single UFO 2000 150W metal-halide illuminator.

Ushio America Inc.’s ( new family of Ultra8 fluorescent T8 lamps can reduce energy costs up to 40%, providing an economical and environmentally responsible alternative to standard T12 lamps. Ultra8 lamps have protective coatings, reducing phosphor degradation while increasing lumen output; precision-engineered cathode guards prevent darkening over lamp life. The lamps can be used with rapid-start or instant-start ballasts, and are available in 17W, 25W, and 32W with color temperatures from 3000K to 5000K, and a CRI of 86.

Venture Lighting's ( MPI 400W/BU shrouded 400W standard metal-halide lamp offers a rated life of 20,000 hours, a color temperature of 4000K, and CRI of 65; Venture's UV Shield shroud reduces UV output by 70-80%. This O-rated lamp meets ANSI criteria for lamp containment and can be operated continuously in open or enclosed luminaires.

W.A.C. Lighting ( introduces new low-voltage miniature recessed trims and housings, available in white, black, and brushed nickel finishes. They are adjustable to a 60º-aiming angle, have a diameter of 3 5/8", a depth of 1 7/8", a cutout of 2 7/16", and an extension of 2 1/2'.
The company also offers new flexible line-voltage track heads with barndoor accessories. The fixture has a low profile, is available in white, black, and brushed nickel finishes, and can accommodate PAR-20, PAR-30, and PAR-38 lamps.