Circuit Lighting rental manager Richard Clark has created a monthly event series called "The Living Room" for local young adults to express and enjoy Christian music. His idea was born from the need to draw on the large audience of young adults between 17 and 35 years old and give them a chance to enjoy social events in a safe and fun environment.

Clark had to use ingenuity to produce these events, which take place at Mountainside Chapel in Mountainside, NJ. Behind the 16'x24' stage he created a 20'x20' video screen with white and black gaffer tape on a plywood wall. The monthly rental consists of 24 channels of dimming supporting a mixture of PAR-64 ACLs, ETC Source Four PARs, and High End Systems Power Scans™. These are suspended from about 60' of trussing or boom and bases, depending on the desired design. Performing groups consist of local bands as well as Christian bands like All Star United and Delirious.

"To create a different look each month and accomplish it all on a limited budget and time restrictions has been challenging and fun. Smaller churches are often discouraged by lack of money and back off from long-term commitments and production of events. This experience has helped me understand the needs of Circuit Lighting’s clients better. It shows that it is possible to operate on a limited budget and fulfill a vision at the same time," says Clark, a member of Mountainside Chapel.

The events have been successful and with internet advertising and word of mouth continue to draw larger audiences.