The awards ceremony of the Prague Quadrennial International Exhibition of Scenography and Theatre Architecture competition took place today. An international jury made up of theatre practitioners and personalities from theatres from all over the world made the following selections.

The highest award, the Golden Triga, was given to Great Britain, who also took the award in 1991.

A Gold Medal for Set Design was given to Richard Hudson from Great Britain for his design of G.F. Haendel's Timberlain.

A Gold Medal for Theatre Costume belongs to Nicky Gillibrand from Great Britain for A Midsummer Night's Dream.

A Gold Medal was awarded to the Swedish team of Lars-Ake Thessman (set design) and Karen Erskine (costumes) for the Best Complex Realisation of a Single Production for Electra.

A Gold Medal for Best Realized Project in the Theatre Architecture Section was awarded to Rienzo Piano of Italy for the unique architectural complex Parco dello Musica in Rome. Director of the Parco dello Musica, Geffredo Bettini, received the award.

Other silver medals and honorary diplomas were also awarded. The jury also commended the Slovak theatre exhibit for choosing to present a memorial to recently deceased Ales Votava.