PESA Switching Systems, Inc., the leading provider of analog and digital video and audio equipment, introduces its new MCLite Digital Master Control Switcher.

PESA¹s new MCLite is a compact, low-cost, multi-channel standard definition master control switcher designed to meet the fast developing and continuously evolving master control needs of the modern broadcast facility. Multi-channel, multi-format and central-casting operations benefit from MCLite¹s flexible, modular, and open architecture.

MCLite¹s features include: multi-channel SDTV operation, compact A/B mix-effects processor, up to four keying layers, logo keyer with internal storage, extensive logo management software, optional DVE squeezeback, AES and embedded audio processing, automation and GPIO interfaces, redundant power supplies and relay bypass protection.

Each MCLite processor consists of a full featured A/B video and AES/embedded audio mixer which can be fitted with up to four downstream keyers and a DVE squeezeback module. MCLite uses two of the facility¹s routing switcher outputs to select the program and preview inputs for a virtually limitless availability of sources. Key and voice-over inputs are also supplied and switched by the router. This approach benefits multi-channel systems since inputs can be shared across all channels, easing integration and maintenance as well as reducing rack space requirements while lowering overall costs compared with traditional systems employing dedicated crosspoint matrices in each processor.

The single channel base MCLite system is equipped with A/B input PGM/PVW video and 4-channel audio mixers, a downstream keyer, logo keyer, two AES voice-over inputs, GPIO and automation interfaces, redundant power supplies and system setup software. Available processor and control options include additional downstream and/or logo keyers for up to four keying layers, squeezeback effects module, manual and touchscreen control panels.

Additional audio features include audio lead and lag transitions, gain and phase adjustments, and channel swapping and summing. Multiple processors and control panels can be arranged in any combination, with up to 16 channels controlled from a single control panel or station automation.

Located in Melville, NY and Huntsville, AL, PESA Switching Systems, Inc is a leading manufacturer of high quality analog and digital video and audio routing switchers and control systems for the broadcasting, mobile production, post production, corporate, educational, cable, religious, industrial, and government markets.

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