Period Corsets™,

which began as an offshoot of the Seattle-based firm Kaufman-Davis Studio, is busting out on its own.

Six years ago, Kaufman-Davis Studios was opened by Becky Kaufman and Susan Davis. The partners hoped to capture some of the film business that was streaming into Seattle at the time; when the film business fell off dramatically, Kaufman-Davis started making two styles of corsets in three sizes, then began adding other corset styles and petticoats. What originally begun as a side business during slow times has become a business that can stand on its own, the owners say.

"Over the past five years, the retail line has grown to be a business that can stand on its own, no longer needing to be under the wing of Kaufman-Davis Studio," the partners said in the final issue of the Period Corsets™ newsletter. "We have decided to focus our energies on making Period Corsets the best source for undergarments for film and stage. Toward this end we will no longer be constructing costumes under the Kaufman-Davis Studio label."

The partners added that as of April 1, their business would be comprised solely of corsets, petticoats, and related items for the retail line, but will retain the Kaufman-Davis Studio name.

Additionally, the company's current location was bought by the county, so they are looking for a new space and expect to move in a few months.