Scharff Weisberg announced that Lars Pedersen has been named the company's director of technology. In the newly created position Pedersen will interface with clients and lead Scharff Weisberg specialists who are experts in dealing with the cutting-edge products that form the basis of today's emerging technologies.

The term "emerging technology" changes over time, Pedersen points out. "Ten years ago emerging technology meant show-control products," he says. "More recently it has related to sophisticated video display processors. Today the focus is on convergence: the melding of lighting and video display technologies. Scharff Weisberg, with its established lighting business and long experience in video display systems, is in a unique position to assist clients who are embracing convergence. It's where the future is headed."

For the past 12 years Pedersen headed Scharff Weisberg's show control division that was first launched with the introduction of Dataton Trax system, an emerging technology of the early 90s.

"Lars is one of the top show control people in the world," says Scharff Weisberg's Peter Scharff. "He's well-known for building control systems for entertainment, live theatre and fixed installations. People like working with experts like Lars, but they also like one-stop shopping and talking to someone who can deal with the big picture. That's Lars too. He not only understands emerging technologies, he understands all the logistics, planning and prep, which are critical to a successful production."

"Thanks to Scharff Weisberg?s reputation for being 'the first to take the leap' with emerging technologies, it has become known as the company to call when you have an unconventional project," says Pedersen. "In creating this new position, it indicates Scharff Weisberg's continuing commitment to servicing the needs of clients who may or may not be familiar with the latest technology. I'm very fortunate to be surrounded by some extremely talented individuals and it will be my responsibility to put our collective expertise to work to come up with innovative solutions."