Peavey Electronics Corporation recently introduced three new powered mixers to its renowned XR Series product line. Since Peavey introduced the first XR Series mixer 25 years ago, this respected and easily recognizable powered mixer line has become the standard for power, quality and innovation. Continuing the Peavey legacy, these new powered mixers, the XR 684F (400 Watts program into 4 Ohms), XR 696F (1200 Watts RMS program into 4 Ohms) and XR 800F+ (500 Watts RMS per channel into 4 Ohms), offer Peavey’s quality craftsmanship and built-in exclusive technology.

Designed for clubs, schools, rehearsal rooms and churches, the Peavey XR 684F and XR 696F offer plenty of extras, such as eight channels outfitted for quarter-inch and XLR jacks, insert points on channels 1 and 2, nine-band stereo main graphic EQ and nine-band mono graphic EQ assignable to the monitors or channel 3. The Peavey XR 800F+ powered mixer features eight low noise, low-Z preamps, three-band EQ and EFX send on channels 1-8, plus 1/4" and XLR inputs on channels 1-8 and stereo line inputs on channels 7-9.

The XR 684F and XR 696F both feature built-in Feedback Ferret™ digital feedback elimination systems, which use a comprehensive 16 filters to automatically scan and filter feedback. This feature is invaluable to sound reinforcement and unique to the powered mixer market. Peavey's Recall™ 48-bit digital effects processor features four user-preset locations for storage and two adjustable parameters for fine-tuning the settings. Effects include reverb and delay simultaneously or reverb, delay and chorus separately.

The XR 800F+ also features two nine-band graphic EQs and Peavey’s patented Feedback Locating System (FLS®). FLS detects the onset of feedback in the sonic spectrum and lights an LED over that frequency's corresponding EQ slider so the user can quickly adjust it to remove feedback. Built-in 16-bit audio/32-bit internal DSP stereo reverb and effects include two-parameter controls for easily customizing sounds.

For even clearer sound, all XR Series powered mixers feature Peavey’s Distortion Detection Technique (DDT™), which virtually eliminates power amp distortion, producing a much clearer sound than ordinary powered mixers. DDT also protects speakers from damage caused by distorted signals.

Peavey Electronics Corporation is one of the largest manufacturers of musical instruments and professional sound equipment in the world. Peavey holds more than 130 patents and produces more than 2,000 products, which are distributed throughout the United States and to 134 other countries. To find out more about Peavey Electronics and its artists, visit