Bill Conner is pleased to announce Paul Sanow has joined his firm as a theatre consultant.

“Paul’s background and attention to detail will be a good fit with my philosophy of being hands-on from the beginning to end of theatre consulting for every project. I believe every project should receive whatever it takes in terms of theatre consulting services to be successful and to satisfy the needs of the owner and users,” says Conner.

After a brief stint as master electrician at New Mexico Repertory Theatre, Sanow joined Vincent Lighting Systems. During his 15 years there he held various positions, starting with field service technician to project manager, and finally as a technical sales specialist working with lighting representatives, engineers and consultants developing new projects. Sanow is also an ETCP Certified Entertainment Electrician.

“I've known Bill for more than ten years and we've worked on several projects in various capacities,” says Sanow. “I've always enjoyed the way he works collaboratively to make a quality building that includes well thought out systems. I'm eager to work with Bill to bring ongoing and future work to reality.”