Paul Dexter has recently opened Masterworks Lighting Design. The lighting industry author has written commentary for the last five years, concerning truths about the state of rental pricing and corporate mentality infiltrating the lighting industry, to over zealous lighting directors and the bad boy antics of the recently deceased Rick James.

“I began lighting when I was sixteen and made 42 Hawaiian pineapple cans into lights and operated them with double poles switches and a couple variacs," Dexter says. "After that I did my touring stint, which was great, but felt that I had to get off the road.” Dexter has a colorful history of worldwide concert touring with the likes of Motley Crue, DIO, and Elton John.

He spent years in England developing commercial business skills with ambitious media projects, studied lighting theory using a graduate level Penn State Internet course, worked for other industry related companies, and was lighting director for the movie Rock Star. Most recently he founded Road Cases, a company established to document, on film, touring days from the collective memories of those that lived it.

The purpose of Masterworks will be to provide a unique solutions lighting design service for theatrical style productions, live music and stage, film and television, corporate exhibits, and special events.

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