Power over Ethernet use within the entertainment lighting industry took another big step forward last month. Pathway’s Pathport DMX Management System earned its certification for compliance in the application of power over Ethernet from PowerDsine®, an industry leader in power over Ethernet power applications. Pathway is honored to be the first industry manufacturer to earn this certification. It was also the first industry adopter of the evolving IEEE 802.3af power over Ethernet standard in 2000, incorporating the concept in Pathport™ their new DMX Management System. Pathport went on that year to win an LDI Product of the Year Award at its launch in Las Vegas. Pathport Ethernet devices provide users with a powerful, yet economical arrangement for managing, patching, merging, prioritizing and distributing up to sixty-four universes of DMX.

This certification by PowerDsine validates Pathway’s pioneering of the then fledgling concept. A major boon to Ethernet implementation, power over Ethernet permits power and data to share the same Cat5 cable. This makes portable devices easier to use since no additional power cable is required and it makes permanent Ethernet wiring less expensive since no additional power conductors need be installed.

Certification by PowerDsine will also benefit members of the now globally adopted Pathport Alliance. This group of major lighting control manufacturers has licensed the Pathport Protocol for use in their products. This certification also includes ETC’s Two-Port nodes, made especially for ETC Net2 by Pathway.

The Pathport Alliance is currently comprised of Entertainment Technology, Leviton Lighting Control, Flying Pig Systems, Interactive Technologies, High End Systems, MA Lighting and Pathway Connectivity. Additional manufacturers have expressed interest and are expected to join in the near future.

The largest and oldest company in the DMX interface and distribution business, Pathway has been defining the future of lighting network functionality for more than a decade with visionary products such as Pathport and DMXPathfinder.

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