Paragon Innovations Inc.

announces that it has teamed with Genlyte Thomas Group L.L.C. to develop the latest version of Genlyte’s LyteMode™, a lighting system ideal for hotels, restaurants, and high-end residential projects, that uses a centralized processor control board to automate and adjust thousands of light sources at once.

LyteMode uses controller area network (CAN) protocol, typically used to control lighting systems in automobiles, to integrate dimmers throughout a building to the central control panel.

“Previous lighting systems used switches in each room of a building, making control and adjustment a tedious task,” said Michael Wilkinson, founder and chief executive officer of Paragon. “Now, using CAN protocol and a centralized control board developed by Paragon, a building’s light settings can be programmed more easily to reflect a mood or occasion. It’s similar to programming the auto-dial buttons on a car stereo.”

“We outsourced our LyteMode project to Paragon because we wanted to progress our line of luxury lighting systems and we needed technology design expertise that was above our in-house capabilities,” said Steve Carson, vice president and general manager at Genlyte. “Paragon’s high-level professionalism and extensive technology design expertise resulted in a lighting design that will benefit Genlyte and its clients, and their good attitude made them a great team to work with.”

LyteMode will be premiered at the LightFair International 2002 Trade Show and Conference, June 3-5, 2002, in San Francisco.

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