Opticomm Corporation, a designer and manufacturer of fiber optic transport systems, says that its DigiBand Series DVX-5000 is being used by FreshDirect to transmit promotional information on a 5,850 sq. ft. LED display provided by Lighthouse Supercreen Inc. Located next to the Queens Midtown Tunnel in New York City, promotional information is transmitted at 600Mbps via fiber optic cable from FreshDirect's headquarters in Long Island.

The DVX-5000 model conforms to the SMPTE (Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers) 259M standard. DVX-5000 supports data rates from 143 to 540 Mbps with transmission ranges up to 40 km. Opticomm has met FreshDirect's special requirements by modifying the DVX-5000 to send signals at data rates of 600Mbps.

“The project illustrates the ability of Opticomm’s transport systems to work with Lighthouse Supercreen LED systems to deliver live streaming media in broadcast quality” said David Caidar, president of Opticomm Corporation. “As digital transmission becomes an increasingly important part of everyday communications, Opticomm continues to explore new and innovative transmission systems".

“FreshDirect’s full 5,850 sq. ft. LED display, the largest in the USA, offers full color video. It produces over 8,000 NITS, providing high visibility in daytime as well as nighttime. FreshDirect recognizes the need for advanced high-quality technology, particularly for digital signal transmissions, and we are excited to work with a technology leader like Opticomm Corporation to develop premier solutions,” said John Boris, VP of Marketing and Business Development at FreshDirect.