The Pandoras Box media server provides the missing link between lighting and digital image processing. This new type of system combines computer technology with traditional lighting control, thereby providing real-time image processing of up to nine image layers. This gives the user options that considerably simplify and accelerate the design work, as users can Cross-fade and overlap the separate layers. Using the Pandoras Box no other players are required, and data exchange is via DVD or network.

The conventional DMX lighting controllers enable the user to design an entirely new type of stage environment in combination with standard video projectors, LED screens, and video displays. Furthermore, the scenic environment can be modified or changed quickly. The Pandoras Box provides access to over 2,000 digital video (100 preinstalled!). Images can be processed with 2D/3D effects in different shapes. There is free 3D positioning, rotation and scaling of image layers and individual transparency masks for images and videos.

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