Joseph N. Tawil, president of Gam Products, Inc. of Los Angeles has announced the appointment of Pascal H. Zandt as vice president of Sales and Marketing at Gam Products, Inc.

Pascal came to Gam Products a little over a year ago as national sales manager. His previous experience has been as an independent insurance sales representative for four years and, prior to that, 14 years in international sales and marketing in the automobile and optics industries where his focus was on developing sales and distribution networks.

In Zandt’s first year at Gam Products he was instrumental in structuring a new sales representative program. He has added eight independent regional sales reps for the organization. Tawil further advises that this marks a new direction for Gam Products to expand sales both domestically and internationally. Zandt’s appointment as vice president is intended to reflect the authority and importance of this new sales/marketing direction at Gam Products, Inc.