ZING Communications Inc.

has launched SearchSpec to support specifiers who want fast, easy access to lighting product choices and product information. Specifiers who will benefit from SearchSpec include architects, lighting designers, corporate designers, engineers, interior designers, contractors, distributors and other professionals.

"Today's lighting specifier must sift through print catalogs in various formats, representing thousands of products, to find the right solution for each design problem," said Craig DiLouie, principal of ZING Communications. "With today's highly compressed project schedules, doing this manually can take too much time. SearchSpec provides easy access to more product choices in less time, and connects the lighting specifier to all of the manufacturer information needed for specification, using the natural advantages of the web."

To use SearchSpec, the lighting specifier chooses a product category, then designates the product he or she is looking for using six menu boxes. SearchSpec then generates a "dynamic catalog" of products in a standard format. Once a product is selected, the specifier can download the specification sheet and IES files, see select products in projects, and contact the manufacturer or its local sales representative. Two new features include "Specifiers' Top 10," which lists the 10 most downloaded spec sheets, and "New Products," which lists all new products in each category.

SearchSpec is now available with two categories: Track Lighting Fixtures, with more than 700 products from 15 manufacturers, and Linear Suspended Indirect Lighting, with more than 500 products from 17 manufacturers. Future categories include other specification-driven product areas in commercial indoor and outdoor lighting. According to DiLouie, by Lightfair 2003 SearchSpec will offer access to more than 5,000 products.

SearchSpec also has an advanced search feature incorporated into www.lightsearch.com, an online directory of lighting manufacturers used regularly by more than 50,000 industry professionals.