Science fiction becomes reality, as FogScreen Inc. announces the release of its new interactive fog screen. The world’s first airborne interactive touch screen is next-generation technology developed from FogScreen’s pioneering airborne projection screen. When you write or draw upon the interactive fog screen, the writing or designs miraculously and continuously float in the air.

Interactive, airborne projection screens will find many uses within the entertainment industry and in out-of-home advertising (interactive, walk-through advertisements in airports, malls, etc.). Because fog screens are unbreakable, they are especially useful in applications intended for the public, such as information screens. In hospitals and factory clean rooms, the need for sterile touch screen communication devices could be satisfied by the interactive fog screens.

The interactive fog screen was presented in San Francisco at WIRED magazine’s NextFest 2004. NextFest is a mini World’s Fair showcasing the most revolutionary products of the future (

FogScreen Inc., founded in Seinäjoki, Finland last year, has received extensive attention in the global media as the first company to release a walk-through projection screen – a product seen as one of the most interesting emerging display technologies. FogScreen projection screens have been produced in limited quantities, and they are being rented for use at exclusive events throughout the world. The company is currently developing a global distribution network for the FogScreen products.

The FogScreen airborne projection screen was developed at Finland’s Tampere University of Technology. The screen is based on new technology that makes it feasible to create a flat and thin layer of fog that can be used for simultaneous high-quality image projection and walk-through. The fog screen, made exclusively from ordinary water, feels dry and cool to the touch and can be used for extended periods of time. The technology has international patents pending.