Bandit Lites has purchased a new 8,400 square metre/25,000 square foot facility in Bedford, United Kingdom, that will serve as the headquarters for Bandit Lites’ European operations. “Given the tremendous growth we have experienced in the European market, we needed a larger facility better suit our needs and aid in delivering the Bandit Standard to our customers” explains Bandit Lites CEO, Michael Strickland.

The building features high ceilings, a spacious prep floor, plenty of storage, excellent loading and unloading area, and is wired for an extensive computer network.

General Manager Jason Tang states, “The move to the new facility in Bedford is an extremely positive move for Bandit UK. This further establishes Bandit's European presence and shows that Bandit will be a major player here in the UK for many years to come. The move should contribute immensely to our growing operations and level of service that we offer our clients.”

The first tour to utilize the added space of the new warehouse is for Irish pop-stars Westlife. The rig, designed by Phay MacMahon and Barry Halpin benefited greatly by the added space and flexibility of the new building.

New contact information is as follows:

Bandit Lites, Ltd.
Hudson Road
Elm Farm Industrial Estate
MK41 0LZ
United Kingdom

Phone: +44 (0)1234 363820
Fax: +44 (0)1234 365382