Neutrik, professional audio accessories manufacturer, have introduced a sleek new design for 1/4" professional phone plugs.

The X-series, previously introduced as the C+ series, improves on the design of the existing phone plug by offering the thinnest available 1/4" plug with unique Neutrik chuck-type strain relief. The new plugs meet the most recent requirements for the highest packing density (15.88mm).

Internationally recognized industrial designer with Messrs Id Connect Andreas Batliner created the new design. The new NP*X series has an improved chuck-type strain relief, which offers higher cable retention force and the same reliability and features of Neutrik’s current NP*C phone plug series. The slim NP*X phone plug is all metal and available in mono and stereo versions with nickel or gold-plated contacts and nickel, black, or velour chrome housings.