Nemetschek North America announced the release of a free SketchUp® plug-in for VectorWorks. The plug-in eliminates the need to re-create SketchUp models in VectorWorks, reducing design time and allowing designers to make the most of the VectorWorks precision design environment.

Developed for the conceptual stages of design, SketchUp allows designers to quickly create, view, and modify ideas in 3D. VectorWorks, a complete design-to-construction solution, can now take SketchUp models to another level, permitting users to continue with more complex aspects of the design process through construction documentation, without having to duplicate work.

The SketchUp plug-in allows architectural models to be imported from SketchUp into VectorWorks as wall, roof face, and floor geometry. It also maps SketchUp components to VectorWorks intelligent building objects. This will allow further editing and refinement of architectural models in VectorWorks. The command provides control during import, during which SketchUp geometry is converted to architectural elements based on SketchUp materials, layers, or geometry. Users can also let the command convert objects automatically using the orientation of the SketchUp geometry.

“We’re pleased to offer our users yet another option to make their workdays more productive,” says Paul Pharr, chief technology officer, Nemetschek North America. “There is no question that SketchUp is a very popular design tool. Now our users can import their SketchUp models into most of the VectorWorks Design Series version 12 programs and transfer SketchUp models into intelligent VectorWorks architectural elements, such as roof faces, walls, and doors, and put that data to work.”

“The Nemetschek team has created an import plug-in between SketchUp and VectorWorks that is fantastic,” says Brad Schell, founder of @Last Software. “It gives users the best of all worlds. Conceptual designs can be quickly created in SketchUp and then easily moved into VectorWorks for project completion.”

The free plug-in supports SketchUp version 4 and higher. Macintosh® and Windows® plug-ins are available for download to all VectorWorks Architect, VectorWorks Landmark, VectorWorks Spotlight, and VectorWorks Designer version 12 users at

Founded in 1999 with headquarters in Boulder, Colorado, @Last Software’s mission of 3D for Everyone is about bringing 3D design to the masses. SketchUp is a conceptual modeling tool with a unique user interface that allows quick and easy 3D model creation, viewing, modification and presentation. @Last distributes SketchUp directly and through distributors worldwide. SketchUp for Windows® and Macintosh® OS X is available in six languages. For more information, visit