Mountain Light Company announced the relocation of its headquarters to a larger office and warehouse facility at 890 Dublin Blvd., Unit C, Colorado Springs, Colorado and also the appointment of Buddy Combs as associate in Oklahoma.

According to president John W. Fuller, “Consistent growth during the course of 2006 has demanded a larger shop, warehouse and office environment to properly service our Colorado and regional client base. Frankly, we also needed a large enough shop to maintain our Skytrackers inside, throughout the cold months of winter.” Fuller adds, “Growth in sales and rental clients outside of Colorado, combined with more involvement in design solutions have necessitated partnering with individuals who have diverse experience, such as Buddy, who can more work more closely within markets like Oklahoma.”

Buddy Combs, based in Norman, OK, taught for over 20 years at the University level and retired from academia as a tenured full professor. Most recently he was the regional sales representative in Arizona for Stagecraft Industries.