Morpheus’ ColorFader3™ is the preferred choice for CYM mixing color changers in sound-sensitive environments. The same patented technology that lets ColorFader3 transition from color to color anytime also permits ColorFader3 to make transitions quietly.

ColorFader3 has independently controlled cyan, yellow, and magenta filters to bring the same subtractive color mixing flexibility found in automated fixtures to your choice of conventional fixture. This three-filter system is also the key to quiet operation. The length of each filter is just five times the beam width, so there’s minimum filter movement during CYM transitions. When compared to two-scroll mixing units with scrolls that are 22 times beam width, ColorFader3 delivers faster and quieter transitions.

S Fader™, the smallest ColorFader3, is sized for ETC Source Four ellipsoidals. It's convection cooled, using UV blocking glass to silently absorb heat from the beam. With no fan, there's no fan noise. M Fader™, XL Fader™, and 8 Fader™ are the larger format ColorFader3 units, with fans that can be variable-speed controlled from any DMX console. This feature lets fans be remotely turned down or off and then gradually and quietly brought back to speed when needed.