Medialon is providing both show control and digital signage to Barcelona’s Museo de la Ciencia (Science Museum).

Medialon Manager, installed by Barcelona-based Bienvenido Gil, supplies show control for the Planetarium where A Journey in Space and Time offers a total immersion experience for visitors. An advanced 3D astronomical simulation system and a powerful high definition audiovisual system unite in a merger of animation and digital video to present a look at the universe at different moments in history.

Medialon Manager starts the preprogrammed, scheduled sessions in the planetarium and controls the projections of the cosmos by being slaved to the astronomical simulation system, which renders 3D images of the sky. Medialon also interfaces with a Dataton WATCHOUT system, which blends projected images for a seamless panorama of the night sky.

The system is also utilized to control live, interactive events staged for special groups in the Planetarium. In this application, the speaker may use the system to trigger a preprogrammed presentation, pausing and running the show as he interacts with the audience. In addition, the system can be used to run original multimedia presentations using standard sources and projectors to play back media files. Medialon Manager acts as the presentation master controller allowing the speaker to conduct the presentation according to the audience reaction.

Lunatus of Barcelona, who designed the Planetarium, also ensured that Medialon also takes the lead in the museum’s dynamic signage system. The Medialon Display System, a software suite which can mix any kind of regular media to deliver messages, distributes networked multimedia content to 50 player stations whose screens supply information on temporary museum exhibitions and guide visitors around the science center. Displaying both video and slides, the signage system provides effective show support as well as serves as a helpful way-finding device.

Jordi Pages of Bienvenidio Gil installed the planetarium system, and Luis Pique of Lunatus installed the signage system.