Cementing the company's position as the international leader in show control, Medialon Inc. announced the signing of illustrious industry veteran James Kellner to its North American operations. Kellner will join an expanding Medialon team in continuing to offer the highest in dealer service and customer value.

"We have always admired Jim, and I have long wanted to have him join us," says Ken Bell, the original exponent of Medialon in North America. "This really is a one-two punch in terms of technical depth, industry contacts, and show experience. I'm thrilled at how it's coming along - Jim and I work so well together."

Kellner has 30-plus years in the show-control and AV industry. Most recently, he was President of Dataton North America. Prior to that he was the owner of KCD, a distribution company, and Vice President of Marketing and Sales for manufacturer AVL. "I am pleased to continue working with innovators in the show-control industry," commented Kellner. "Medialon Manager is show control today and in the future. It supports legacy devices (i.e., serial interface, contact closures) as well as 21st century devices that support IP interface."

Kellner also represents Dataton for in the U.S. and Canada. "Medialon Manager is an excellent show-control system for modern media server technologies like Dataton WATCHOUT®; the two technologies work perfectly together," he noted. "Medialon Manager is tuned to provide the full benefit of Dataton WATCHOUT®'s robust IP control, making Manager -the- choice to synchronize it and utilize it's full feature set. Manager's robust tools for designing user interface panels adapt it to any show-control need."

"We're thrilled to be joined by someone with so much experience and with such a good reputation in this market," said Alex Carru, President/CEO of Medialon. "With Jim and Ken working in tandem, Medialon is armed with the best of the best in show-control experience, expertise and exposure. I expect great things in the year ahead."