LDI2011 presents two great options in media server training, with small, hands-on classes that take you into new realms of image creation and control:

1. Green Hippo/TMB Hippo School

Get hands-on training with the award-winning Green Hippo Hippotizer V3, one of the industry’s favorite media servers, at TMB Hippo School, a practical, step-by-step learning session. Many of the industry’s most exciting productions–concert tours, architectural, television, and corporate events–choose Hippotizer for video playback and effects: Nikelback; The Academy Awards; Def Leppard; Disney's The Magic, The Memories You; Disney's World of Color; Blue Man Group; Huntsman Annual Meeting and many others, in addition to television productions such as Dancing with the Stars and The Today Show. Hippotizer is distributed exclusively in North America by TMB.

TMB Hippo School Basic Training: Monday and Tuesday, October 24 & 25

TMB Hippo School: Mapping Technology with Uberpan: Friday, October 28

2. PRG MBox Extreme
This introductory training day provides a hands-on inside look at the PRG MBox Extreme media server, which is designed to give users powerful and flexible control by working seamlessly with up to twelve layers of content which can be displayed simultaneously, and allowing layers to be any combination of 3D objects or background. Users also have the ability to transition content, both 2D and 3D, on the same layer. This means six layers on the Mbox EXtreme v3 is effectively like having 12 layers on another server. Additionally, layers on Mbox EXtreme v3 can now have a content resolution of up to 1080p (1920 x 1080). The Mbox has been featured on numerous concert, television, film and theatre productions including tours for Jay-Z and Lady Gaga, the production of Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark on Broadway, the 2011 opening ceremonies for the Asian Winter Games, and the feature film Iron Man 2.

Mbox EXtreme Media Server One Day Training: Introductory Level: Monday, October 24

Three great ways to get your hands on the technology of tomorrow.

Register today and be part of the media revolution.

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