The Robo Ranger IH8000-1 is an intelligent moving-head fixture using standard DMX512 addressing. Five channels of control include color wheel (11 colors and white), gobo wheel (15 patterns), pan (540º in 3 seconds), tilt (270º in 1.8 seconds) and strobing/shutter. Fast and precise movement of the sleek design head is achieved with the use of high-quality, smooth micro-stepper motors. The Robo Ranger includes a bright 24V/250W lamp and features an adjustable focus lens.

The Robo Ranger can be used with most standard DMX512 controllers. In addition, each unit is pre-programmed to be used either solo or in a master/slave configuration where no controller is needed. Built-in sound-active patterns create movement, color and gobo changes to the beat of music. The optional MBT Easy Controller CA6 provides basic control in master/slave mode. The optional MBT Intelligent Controller CA1612 gives the user full programming and manual operating capability. The Robo Ranger moving-head light offers professional features in a compact, attractive full-color P.O.P. package with a one-year limited warranty.