Main Light Industries, Inc. of Wilmington, Delaware (, inventors of the patented Lightscape™ fiber optic curtain, announce the release of the new Soft-LED™ dynamic drapery.

Main Light has incorporated a full color LED array to their Lightscape™ curtain to create Soft-LED™. The Soft-LED™ dynamic drapery allows audiences to enjoy a familiar fiber optic star field background, and then be blown away by full color graphics and low-res video images that seem to appear from nowhere. Soft-LED™ takes advantage of Color Kinetics' next-generation Chromasic™ LED control technology, which allows precise control of the individual RGB LED sources. The Main Light Soft-LED™ Dynamic Drapery is compact, lightweight and very easy to pack at the end of the show - especially when compared to other LED display technologies. Soft-LED™ systems specifically packaged for theatre and touring applications are available.

Aidas Gimbutas, President of Main Light Industries said, "Main Light is known for innovative fiber optic products for entertainment lighting. Soft-LED™ enables entirely new design possibilities through advanced control of colored LEDs, and we look forward to the many imaginative applications that will surely follow."