Mackie Designs Inc., a leading manufacturer of professional audio products, and Emagic Software and Hardware GmbH have announced an agreement to merge their audio control surface technologies. Under the terms of this agreement, future Mackie engineered control surfaces will include the combined functionality of both Logic Control and Mackie Control as well as Mackie’s HUI protocol.

“Logic users represent one of the largest, most affluent creative communities in audio recording," comments Chris Adam, managing director of Emagic GmbH. “By merging the Mackie and Emagic control surface technologies, we will be providing current and future Emagic customers with the most versatile and powerful control surface platform in the world. It’s a logical evolution and fantastic opportunity for our customers.”

Beginning in August, Mackie and Emagic will also release an upgrade that will allow both Mackie Control and Logic Control owners to take full advantage of the combined functionality.

“The Mackie Control/Logic Control platform has become one of the most widely used dedicated control surface platforms to date; with nearly 8,000 combined users worldwide,” comments Jamie Engen, president and CEO at Mackie Designs Inc. “This sharing of technology means that users on both sides will benefit from a truly universal platform that supports all major DAWs. They will dive deeper into their favorite software platforms while moving seamlessly across multiple platforms as needed.”