Joe Cocker has just completed a world tour with a series of shows in Australia. Tim Bradsmith from Concert & Corporate in Perth has been on the road with Joe Cocker as his long-time lighting designer. Tim took the opportunity to use the new Martin MAC 700 Profile, ten in total, in his rig along with 26 MAC 600 washlights. Analogue lighting included 12 ETC19° profiles, ten 4-liters, and 20 ETC Source Four Parnels.

“I believe that this was one of the first times that a rock band had taken MAC 700s on tour,” said Bradsmith. “When I was at Martin’s Denmark factory earlier in the year, they showed me a prototype of the MAC 700 and asked my opinion on it. I have to say that they have really put a lot of thought into the effects. It’s like an advanced MAC 500 which is a popular unit in itself.”

Bradsmith reports that the MAC 700s have been absolutely trouble-free on the road, and he highly recommends them.

“Martin has really hit the nail on the head with this unit," Bradsmith says. "I was so impressed. I think the gobos are excellent for the pure reason that you can get the animation wheels and really mess them up. The dispersion from tip to tip of the gobos was excellent even with the animation wheel. You get nice clean edges, and the output wasn’t affected at all.

”I think I probably only used about 10% of the MAC 700’s potential; I could probably sit there for a week and still find new things to do with them.”

Bradsmith indicated that, come February, CCP will be buying as many MAC 700s as they can afford.