After being introduced last April, MA Lighting's grandMA micro console has sold more than 100 units and appears to be gaining momentum.

"At the moment the grandMA micro is the most compact console on the market," said Michael Adenau, director of MA Lighting Technology. "It relies on the software platform of the grandMA range so that it is compatible with the showfiles of other grandMA consoles. Shows with up to 1024 channels can be stored in the uniform grandMA showfile format." The software includes editors for the fixture library, dimmer/fade profiles as well as an effect engine that allows quick programming and fast access to the shows.

The grandMA micro offers a divided DMX input, a MIDI as well as an analogue input. Although it has a limited network (it cannot work in a multi-user-system), it can be controlled via grandMA remote. With this software solution a pocket PC becomes remote control. For the real-time visualization of a show, connect to a PC with the grandMA's 3D program.

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