names its product for miniature light modeling work, for entertainment, architecture, interior design, and film miniature work.

In cooperation with professor Stan Kaye and University of Florida, Luxam unveiled for public viewing its equipment for rendering light in miniature using high quality fiber optic fixtures and hardware. Thanks to the generosity of Barbizon, the system was displayed at USITT in Minneapolis and at SETC in Washington D.C.

Rick Jellow, vice president of Luxam agreed to have attendees at USITT submit suggestions to name the system that utilized specialized museum display lighting fiber optics to be developed for the above mentioned applications. The selected name would be used for the systems; over 50 entries were received. Luxam announces that the selected name is “Luxam’s Mini LuxLab” The suggestion was made by Michael W. Ballard of Niagara University in Niagara, New York. Ballard will be receiving his custom LuxLab kit with the thanks of Luxam for finding a name expressive of the kits composition.

For more information about Luxam’s Mini LuxLab system, check out its website at:

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