LED lighting specialists i-Vision will launch its new LumosRange of LED fixtures at PLASA 2004. The initial product launches are: Lumos Strip, Lumos Strip Warm White, Lumos Flood, Lumos 3, Lumos MR 16. i-Vision will also launch a new LED driver at the show.

The i-Vision Lumos Strip & Warm White Strip

The i-Vision Lumos Strip Range is available in 400 mm, 600 mm and 1200 mm lengths (12, 18 and 36 LEDs respectively) (and custom lengths can be made to order). Available as a color-change or a single-color fixture, Lumos Strip combines LED technology and design aesthetics, including the ability to mount on white circuit boards, boosting the brightness and look of the fixture.

A wide range of drive systems and optic configurations are available to suit most modern lighting requirements. For the display and information applications in museums, heritage sites, and showcase and exhibition industry, i-Vision has also developed a warm white version of the Lumos Strip.

i-Vision Lumos Strip

Lumos Flood

The Lumos Flood is available in 36, 48 and 72 LED fittings and is ideal for creating effects like wall washing and illuminating large spaces. Encased in a streamlined flat aluminium housing.

i-Vision Lumos Flood

Lumos 3

Based on the concept of replacing standard MR16 and GU10 lamps, the Lumos 3 is available as RGB color-change and single colors. The Lumos 3 is also available in a range of standard housings and bespoke installation options. For the first time, i-Vision offers a fully dimmable transformer for use in conjunction with the single-color Lumos 3.

Lumos MR16

This is a direct replacement lamp for halogen MR16 sources. It brings all the cost advantages of LED lighting: low running costs and power consumption; long lamp life, rated at 70,000 hours plus; virtually maintenance free. Many practical advantages include low no heat emission, a softer superior light quality and uniform beam coverage without hot-spots.

It’s simple to fit–just unplug the standard 50 Watt halogen lamp and plug in the Lumos MR16–it runs off the same transformers, cabling, etc. The bulb comes with aluminium reflector and lens, and is available in red, yellow, blue, green and white.

New ‘Lumos Drive 36’ LED Driver

i-Vision introduces the new Lumos Drive 36–a higher spec LED driver that’s been developed to drive 36x1W LEDs. The unit is smaller and with higher efficiency then the original, yet available at the same price.

Benefits include new robust connectors for mains LED and DMX inputs and a 7-segment digital display, with DMX "up" and "down’" buttons that standardize the driver unit’s operation with most industry standard lighting fixtures and equipment.

The driver has been designed for smooth dimming, even at the low end, resulting in virtually flicker-free operation, and the driving is now better suited for television and photography.

Control options include using a standard DMX lighting console or PC-based proprietary software. The latter will allow for future add-ons like remote control via laptop and internet access, bringing all the advantages of remote control and troubleshooting.