Luminant Lighting Systems has unveiled an entirely new line of lighting consoles for stage lighting applications in small to medium venues.

“These consoles have been designed from a clean sheet of paper, with the sole purpose of providing a user-friendly, reasonably priced lighting control console for small to mid-sized venues,” says Bob Toms, president of Luminant Lighting.

SplitRange™ level controls are the basis of the new console. These level controls move 0 to the center of the travel and allow light to be added or removed from a recorded cue with minimal effort. These controls replace HTP operation and act as modifiers to the light levels that come before them. This arrangement allows a recorded light level to be increased by 10% by moving the control to 10% or to be decreased by 10% by moving the control to –10%.

All consoles feature a graphical user interface, which provides the user with quick and intuitive access to all programming parameters. The most commonly used data has been organized onto one screen, and convenient screen tabs are designed to make switching between screens effortless.

The Go Next key, in combination with the ability to pre-determine which crossfader pair will be used to execute a particular cue, allows one Go button to run cues in both crossfaders, and greatly reduces the possibility of operator error at show time.

Four dedicated house light controls free the standard channel sliders for use onstage and provide clearly labeled access to house light levels. Show data is stored on a compact flash card that is accessible from the front of the console and innovative mounting rails allow the console to be mounted flush in permanent or semi-permanent applications for a clean and uncluttered look.

All consoles are ACN and RDM ready and are available in 24/48, 36/72 and 48/96 channel models.

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