LMG, Inc.–a national provider of video, audio and lighting support–recently completed construction and moved into its new 74,000-sq.ft. Las Vegas facility.

To supplement the video and audio inventory in Las Vegas, the company also invested in a full line of lighting gear for that location to serve clients in a full-service capacity across the country. The new office and warehouse is located on Windy Street, right off the Las Vegas Strip.

“The demand for our services has increased significantly over the past few years,” says Les Goldberg, president of LMG. “Building a new facility in Vegas and adding a complete lighting department to that office is part of our long-term growth strategy and will help us better serve clients as a full-service provider of video, audio, and lighting technology.”

LMG has provided video, audio and lighting support to some of the world’s largest conventions and meetings, including nationally televised events, FORTUNE 500 business presentations and live entertainment shows.