LMG, Inc. the national audio visual staging and presentation company, recently increased its product offering with the addition of lighting to its inventory of audio and video equipment.

LMG’s Lighting Services Department will give production clients access to a lighting product that is consistent with the LMG brand of high-end technology. "More and more of our clients are looking for a turn-key solution for their production needs. The timing is right to add Lighting to our repertoire. It gives us more control over the products that we are delivering to our clientele," said Les M. Goldberg, President/CEO of LMG.

LMG makes this announcement as it celebrates its 20th year in the audio visual staging presentation business. With the addition of Lighting Services, LMG will provide their clients with a total show package of audio, video, and lighting. LMG recently hired Steven J. "Boz" Bodzioch as the Lighting Services Manager to oversee the development of the new department in all LMG locations. Bodzioch brings over 24 years of experience in the entertainment lighting industry to LMG. He has a broad background which includes live entertainment, theme parks, concerts, musicals, and corporate events. Some of his credits include The Festival of the Lion King, The Kirchman Corporation, The Florida House, and The Queen’s Golden Jubilee in Winnipeg, Canada.

LMG is headquartered in Orlando, FL and has offices in Tempe, AZ and Las Vegas, NV.