is Wybron's new family of affordable dichroic CMY color mixing luminaires expressly designed to complement your current equipment. Nexera wash lights and ellipsoidals operate just like the conventional theatrical fixtures you're using already, but with the addition of Wybron CMY dichroic color mixing.

Nexera fixtures are offered with a commonly available 575W compact tungsten source (the preferred source for theatre and television), and provide superb light output and beam uniformity. All Nexera fixtures are convection cooled and servo-driven, utilizing no fans for silent operation. The patent-pending Wybron CMY color mixing module produces a wide color palette, featuring an exceptional range of control over the most subtle theatrical colors like bastard amber, light pink, and no-color blue, all with seamless transitions between colors. Each unit requires three DMX channels, thus they are easy to use and patch, even on the simplest of control consoles. The Wybron CMY dichroic color-mixing module also means designers can make color changes in real time.

The Nexera family of luminaires utilizes Wybron Coloram II Power Supplies for their power source, just like scrollers. In fact, Nexera luminaires and Wybron color changers can operate off the same PSU, if desired.

All Nexera fixtures share a common lamp housing, borosilicate cold mirror reflector, and Wybron CMY dichroic color-mixing module for ease of service and flexibility. The Wybron CMY module offers a menu display for DMX addressing and operational info, and the system is RDM compliant. The front gel frame dimension for the units is 6.5", allowing for standard sized accessories like gel frames, snoots, barn doors, and donuts to be fitted to the fixtures. The Nexera family of luminaires will be comprised of three units: two ellipsoidals, offering beam angles of 15 ~ 30 degrees and 25 ~ 40 degrees, and a Fresnel-based washlight with a beam angle of 26 degrees. Both ellipsoidals accept standard M size patterns and accessories, and the zoom mechanisms feature detented stops for 19, 26, and 36 degree beam angles from ease of setup and use.

Built on Wybron’s standard of excellence, the Nexera wash & ellipsoidal luminaires will soon become the fixture that professionals use and use and use.

The Nexera family of luminaires will be on display in the Wybron Booth, 319, at the Lighting Dimensions International 2003 tradeshow, held this year in Orlando, Florida. Product will be available for shipment in December. For more information, please contact Wybron at (719) 548-9774 or check out the Wybron website at: